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We had our first Women’s Self Defense Seminar this past weekend.  It went over so well that many of the participants have asked for a sequel.  So we will for sure follow up with another one within the next couple of months.

Look out criminals or even annoying boyfriends, brothers or husbands.  These ladies learned some nasty rear naked chokes and knees to the groin.

We had also gone over some other self defense techniques as well as how to avoid even getting into trouble in the first place and what to do to divert a problem when it starts.

Some of the other techniques we will be working on in the future in that class besides going over past moves to make sure they are imbedded in our muscle memory is more self defense techniques as well as tactics to employ when you are being accosted by a carjacker.  Also we will learn more gun handling as well as gun retention and disarming.

Here are a few pix of these newly empowered women!









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