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Mario Delgado’s Seminar           

mario seminar 4_12

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out to Mario’s seminar this holiday weekend. Attendance was a little lower then usual because of the holidays but quite a few of those who attended told me it may have been the best seminar yet.

He showed some killer foot locks and some really funky functional attacks from the kimura to back or armbar.

I will try and get him here again as soon as possible.

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What a fantastic annual BBQ we had this past weekend.  Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out to the picnic.

Once again it didn’t end until the sun went down.  Adults playing beach volleyball and football as well as the kids.  I know the kids had a blast bobbing for apples and having races.

Every year the party just gets bigger and bigger.  I am looking forward to next years as well.  Who knows, maybe we will do one twice a year bigger everyone was clamoring for more 🙂

adults bbq '13

kids bbq

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We had our first Women’s Self Defense Seminar this past weekend.  It went over so well that many of the participants have asked for a sequel.  So we will for sure follow up with another one within the next couple of months.

Look out criminals or even annoying boyfriends, brothers or husbands.  These ladies learned some nasty rear naked chokes and knees to the groin.

We had also gone over some other self defense techniques as well as how to avoid even getting into trouble in the first place and what to do to divert a problem when it starts.

Some of the other techniques we will be working on in the future in that class besides going over past moves to make sure they are imbedded in our muscle memory is more self defense techniques as well as tactics to employ when you are being accosted by a carjacker.  Also we will learn more gun handling as well as gun retention and disarming.

Here are a few pix of these newly empowered women!









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Thanks to everyone who was able to make it to the Charity event and grand opening this past weekend.  What a fantastic turnout and fun party it turned out to be.

A big part of that obviously for the Jiu Jitsu students is that Renzo Gracie was here teaching class and hung out with us all day and night.  I am glad now everyone got the opportunity to see why I have so much respect for Renzo.  There aren’t many people out there better then him in any aspect.  I think you’ll agree.

Also the fact that Sam Madison spent so much time and was so approachable with everyone was a great treat.  We just about reached our goal for the charity that he heads.  Thank you to everyone who was able to donate.


Renzo Visit 1-2012 (210) 

Renzo Visit 1-2012 (24)

Renzo Visit 1-2012 (50) 

Renzo Visit 1-2012 (82)



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When: Saturday
Time: 12:00pm until 4:00pm
Where: Renzo Gracie Training Center – 1372 SW 160th Ave, Weston FL

Call on your inner warrior spirit and join RGTC for our Grand Opening Celebration and run The Warrior Challenge Obstacle Course! The Warrior Challenge is set to raise money and awareness for a great local charity called Madison Avenue for Kids Foundation.  Joining us will be Renzo Gracie, legendary Jiu Jitsu Master and Sam Madison, former NFL cornerback. We will also have the Healthnut food truck, a sorbet food truck, a DJ and lots of prizes! So come out with the fam and enjoy a day of food fitness and FUN!  For more info shoot us a FB message or call 954-384-2846 email: info@//

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December 24th until January 1st the schedule will be as follows:

Jiu Jitsu

  • Little Warriors, Kids and Juniors:
  • Tues. Dec 27th-5pm
  • Thurs. Dec 29th- 5pm


  • Tues. Dec 27th-6pm
  • Thurs. Dec 29th- 6pm


  • Mon. Dec 26th- 9am
  • Tues. Dec 27th – 6pm
  • Wed. Dec 28th- 9am
  • Thurs. Dec 29th – 6pm


Cardioboxing/Muay Thai

  • Mon. Dec 26th-10am
  • Tues. Dec 27th- 7pm
  • Wed. Dec 28th-10am
  • Thurs. Dec 29th- 7pm

Anyone and everyone can come and partake in the HyperFit and Muay Thai classes that week.  Bring your friends and relatives!

We will be back to our normal schedule January 2nd but we will have a few changes for the new year. Stay tuned. 🙂

Jiu Jitsu Arm Bar Escape

Great and easy arm bar escape taught by Stan Beck at the Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu and Training Center of Weston. No matter how heavy or strong your opponent is, this is a great way to escape and get top position when you are being attacked.