The state and county have finally allowed the Academy to reopen as of 05/30/2020…

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The state and county have finally allowed the Academy to reopen as of this coming Tuesday, May 26th. In order to ensure proper health and safety of our members we’ve updated our cleaning protocols.

First, a huge Thank You!!! to everyone who was able to keep supporting the academy during these unprecedented times. Everyone is in different financial situations and we know it wasn’t easy for you and it won’t be forgotten.

Here are some changes to take note of:

-Classes will end 15 minutes early to allow time to clean and disinfect between each class
-All classes will start at their normal times
-We will be keeping 6ft of social distancing during class until Phase 2 rules come out which should be in about 2 weeks
-Family members of students are invited to come and train for free so that the member can have someone to practice with physical contact
-Classes will consist of conditioning elements, jiu jitsu specific movements that will translate very well to when we can spar again and also kickboxing and wrestling drills
-Please try to come to the academy already dressed in your uniform if possible so as to minimize locker rooms and bathroom use.
-Please bring your own water bottles or buy drinks from us in order to avoid water fountain use.
-No non members will be allowed in the academy. If a parent feels they must be there to watch their child that is ok.
-All parents watching must wear masks. We will give out free masks
-We won’t be taking any new members or drop ins for a little while.
-All students and staff will be checked and confirm no symptoms of Covid-19. If you or one of your family members is unwell, please refrain from coming to classes.
-Please utilize the hand sanitizers upon entering the academy.
We are very excited to start getting a semblance of normal again and I know many of you are as well. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by phone or Facebook message

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